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title: error
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After upgrading emlog to 6.0.0, the previous template setting plug-in fails. Original author not updated. Let me update it.Template setup plus is upgraded on the basis of template setup (original author: Adventure)The basic functions are the same and the settings are rich, which can be modified according to your own use.Due to the system version, you need to modify a background file to use this plug-inStage modification:Open admin / views / template phpAdd <? php doAction('adm_main_top'); ?>;  In the line before < div class = "TPL" >Of course, you can also add it to other places, as long as the main in the plug-in JS can work normallyTip: this plug-in is updated based on the "template settings" plug-in, and only supports templates developed according to the relevant specifications of the "template plug-in"


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