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[Discuz plug-in download] [1314] Template free switching 2.0.1 commercial version

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title: [Discuz plug-in download] [1314] Template free switching 2.0.1 commercial version
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[Discuz plug-in download] [1314] Free template switching 2.0.1 commercial version [worth 100 yuan] Members can freely switch styles, and the background can control functions

Source code type: discuz template

Source code size: 335 KB

Operating environment: PHP | database

[Discuz Template Download] [1314] Template Free Switching 2.0.1 Business Edition [Value 100 yuan] Free switching of member styles, background functions controllable This is Discuz! X's first template switching plug-in, compatible with all X series versions, no server For compatibility issues, specific user groups in the foreground can freely switch the installed templates, one-click switching, without affecting other users.
Stations for multiple sets of styles

Members can switch styles freely, and the background can control which user groups can switch styles.
After the membership is switched, the style information will be recorded, and the next time you log in elsewhere, it will still be the style after the switch.
After the visitor is switched, it will be recorded in the COOKIE. When the visitor visits again on the same computer, the switching style is still the same.

1. The display problem of the template itself has nothing to do with this plugin. This plugin is only responsible for switching templates. Compatibility issues of the same DIY under different templates have nothing to do with this plugin. Please make sure there are no compatibility issues between the templates you use.



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