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Discuz! X3.2 theme template Dean MOTO model artist photography commercial version GBK+UTF8

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title: Discuz! X3.2 theme template Dean MOTO model artist photography commercial version GBK+UTF8
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discuss! X3.2 theme template dean MOTO model artist photography commercial version GBK+UTF8
1. Template name: "MOTO model/artist/photography", version support: discuzx version 3.0, discuzx version 3.1, discuzx version 3.2, website page width 1180px, including ① website home page
②Model library ③Model agency ④Beauty appointment ⑤Information ⑥Forum homepage/list page/content page ⑧Waterfall ⑨About us 10. Deep beautification of event page 11. Other pages, etc. (N can be added)
Wait, the website code is neat and concise, and SEO optimization is good, it will make your website more popular and help your website succeed!
2. The template portal homepage, forum portal homepage, forum homepage, list page, content page, and article page data are read by DIY data, which is convenient for novices and veterans to operate and maintain later.
Stylish simplicity. The template adds a lot of animation effects to increase user experience and stickiness.
3. There are many details in the template. At the same time, both the front-end interface and the CCS code optimization, the official template file structure and function location have been optimized.
4. The template supports a lot of css3, and friends who use Google Firefox and ie9 or above can see good animation effects.



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