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Simple personal blog adaptive WP theme WordPress blog theme Qzdy

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title: Simple personal blog adaptive WP theme WordPress blog theme Qzdy
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Simple personal blog adaptive WP theme WorderPress blog theme Qzdy

1. Super SEO function

2. Multiple sets of front-end templates, multiple sets of classification templates, multiple sets of content templates

3. Slideshow, article top.

4. Code highlighting, download button

5. Reply visible

6. The theme comes with a disabled new version of wordpress anti-humanity editor widget, no need to install additional plug-ins

7. The theme comes with special effects of cherry blossoms falling

8. The theme comes with wordpress custom avatar upload function, no need to install additional plug-ins

9. High-intensity DIY, custom website background pictures, custom header pictures, etc.

10. Website picture LOGO and text LOGO can be switched at will

11. Simple and fast background configuration

12. Responsive

13. Built-in WP optimization strategy

14. Excellent built-in SEO features

15. Support visible password

16. The theme is gradually adding new features

17. Pseudo-original functions of exclusive themes to avoid homogenization of themes

18. Editor improvements

19. Disable modification, disable code punctuation conversion, disable loading Google fonts, remove the open interface of the offline editor, remove the open interface of the offline editor, remove emoji loading css, remove emoji loading js, etc...

20. Server sauce interface

21. Comment email notification

22. Get qq avatar from comments

23. Theme editor with decorated code

24. Localization of all resources, 0 references

25. Tag aggregation page, article archive page, friend account page

26. Upload pictures and rename the year, month, day, minute, and second

27. Functions are being added one after another...



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