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Typecho theme template Personal double-column blog adaptive extreme optimization Joe template

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title: Typecho theme template Personal double-column blog adaptive extreme optimization Joe template
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1. The entire package is only 1.3Mb, but it has super functions and fast response (during the development process, 30,000 articles are used for development and testing)

2. The variable names and class names of the whole station are unified and standardized, and the focus is to facilitate more people to participate in secondary development and expansion

3. The theme is ready to use out of the box, without any complicated operations, and there is no need to create categories like other themes.

4. The theme first launched Typecho's exclusive Joe editor

5. The theme responsive layout, does not rely on any responsive framework, adopts Joe's exclusive responsive style

6. The theme shields all sql injection and xss attack risks that may expose the interface, providing security

7. Built-in powerful video functions, including live broadcast function, network-wide video function, and article interpolation video function

8. The theme SEO is extremely optimized, and the Lighthouse SEO running score is 100 points

9. The theme color is publicly available globally, Xiaobai can easily and directly modify the custom theme color of the whole site

10. The theme has built-in code highlighting, no need for any plug-ins, and supports 200 languages

11. The starting theme has a strong drawing reply function, bringing user interaction to your blog. No longer limited to text like traditional blogs

12. The theme has built-in sitemap, Baidu push, Youlian, visible reply, etc., without relying on any plug-ins



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